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hg皇冠官网 with PAPA provides you with several benefits. We track continuing education (CE) hours for QAC/QAL members so that they don’t have to, members save $20 on registration per PAPA seminar, an official CE hours report is automatically mailed to members in the fall of their renewal year, hg皇冠官网还会收到我们的季刊. We cannot track hours for those whose highest ranking license is not a QAC/QAL.



  • 4月1日前50美元
  • 4月1日到7月31日,60美元
  • 7月31日以后是70美元

PAPA memberships are annual, and they expire on December 31st of each year. You can become a member at any point throughout the year and we will be able to retroactively track your hours, even if you’ve attended a seminar before purchasing your membership.

Most QAC/QALs require 20 hours of CE (minimum of 4 must be laws).

Categories M, N, P, and Q require 8 hours (minimum of 2 must be laws).

Category H licenses require 4 hours (minimum of 2 must be laws).

必须满足法定最低工作时间. Any overage from laws will transfer to the Other category.

更多信息请访问DPR网站: www.cdpr.ca.政府

QAC/QALs need to complete their hours within their 2-year licensing period, but are not restricted as to how many hours are earned per year. (举例:你每年可以有10个小时的休息时间, 一年14小时,第二年6小时, 一年20个小时, 等.)

You must complete the required hours by December 31st of your expiration year. You can renew your license for up to one year after it expires, but you will be subject to a late fee after December 31st.

Members can print a copy of their unofficial CE report from our website (must be logged in).

If you prefer to use an official CE report when mailing your renewal to DPR, email us at certificates@surgeonsi.net. Please remember to include your certificate/license number in your email request.

PAPA cannot submit your CE report or renewal packet to DPR on your behalf.

If your last name begins with A-L, you will renew on even-numbered years.

If your last name begins with M-Z, you will renew on odd-numbered years.

DPR sends out renewal applications each fall for the current renewal period. If you do not receive your renewal application please contact: Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) Licensing Program Support at or licensemail@cdpr.ca.政府 

你也可以下载 这里申请DPR续期.

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for the attendance to appear on your record. Online courses may take up to one month to appear.

Attendance for a CE meeting may be missing from your record for any one of the following reasons:

  1. The attendance has yet to be sent to the data processing center (CECPM).
  2. You may have signed the sign-in sheet or completed the scantron with the wrong license number.
  3. You may have forgotten to sign in or turn in your scantron at the time of the meeting.
  4. Meeting sponsors will delete your record of attendance if your registration is not paid in full. This deletion can be reinstated with proper payment.

If the attendance does not appear on your record within 2-3 weeks of the meeting and you feel that any of these may apply to you, 请联系会议主办方.

You may update your contact information when logged into your account in our website. 

You can also send your change of address or contact information to info@surgeonsi.net,或寄给爸爸:


Please remember to include your certificate/license number.

所有被许可方, 无论许可类型如何, must also send any change of address or contact information to DPR.

Our seminars are designed to provide continuing education to licensed pesticide applicators. Our test prep courses are designed for those who wish to take the DPR exam for a license. The test prep courses offer assistance and materials designed to improve your chances of passing the DPR exam.

If you are registering another individual for a seminar, 您必须在他们的名字下创建帐户, 不是你自己的.

Each email address can only be used to set up one account.

We can set up a Group Administrator login for you if you have multiple people that you are responsible for registering. 请电子邮件 register@surgeonsi.net to create a Group Administrator login or if you have any trouble logging in.

We do our best to ensure every PAPA seminar is approved by DPR for at least 7 hours of CE, 至少有两个小时在法律上. However, final accreditation is subject to DPR approval.

是的,我们做! 请访问我们的 CE课程页面 查看可用的网络研讨会或去 在这里 to learn about our 1-hour on-demand online courses.